Group Training

Group Training


A strong foundation is essential for good Wing Chun, which is why a great deal of emphasis is placed on developing basic skills. This foundation in place, the students can then evolve to the chi sao and sparring practice that hones devastating self-defense applications.

An important aspect of training at The Philip Nearing School of Wing Chun is that, in addition to the assistance of our staff members, the advanced students help the newer students progress through the material. Everyone supports each other’s training here as they learn and practice. Experience is passed from older students to younger students.

Beginning students concentrate on the basic blocking, striking and footwork of Wing Chun as well as reflex training, and dan chi sau – which build the fundamental skills for chi sao.

Advanced students work primarily through chi sao – an intense, intricate drill at the heart of Wing Chun study that develops reflexes, timing and response. Properly taught, chi sao is exhilarating, energizing, and remains a remarkable safe, effective way to learn the art. Chi sao study, which quickly becomes a lifetime pursuit for dedicated students, presents a practical way to program the body and mind to respond with unsurpassed skill in fighting situations. However, advanced students also work with pads and heavy bags to develop striking skills and, when ready, are encouraged to train in contact sparring. Our objective is to develop well rounded Wing Chun practitioners through strong fundamentals and focused training. We also encourage our students to augment their training with exercise, chi gong and a healthy lifestyle.

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